Data Discovery Tools

Accurate data discovery is the critical first step in any effective information security program: You cannot protect data if you don’t know it exists. NADDIV performs fast and accurate searches of both structured and unstructured data in locations where many other solutions cannot, including within images, on hosted and on-premise email servers, in databases, in SharePoint and the cloud.

Data Classification

Data remediation can be performed automatically according to your data security workflow process. Results are presented in intuitive reports and dashboards. Security controls can be implemented directly from a centralized management console.

Data Lifecycle Management

Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) is a process that helps organizations manage the flow of data throughout its lifecycle—from creation, to use, to sharing, archive and deletion. Tracking your data accurately throughout the information lifecycle is the foundation of a sensitive data protection strategy and helps you determine where to apply security controls.

Data Loss Prevention

Recent high-profile incidents and industry studies illustrate the growing scope, complexity and cost of data breaches. A data loss prevention solution cannot succeed if you simply try to prevent adversaries from accessing or exfiltrating data—you must also accurately find, classify and protect your sensitive data.

To protect your organization from widespread data loss or data leakage, NADDIV finds structured and unstructured sensitive data such as intellectual property, PHI, PCI and PII anywhere it exists. It provides highly precise, persistent data classification and real time visibility as data is created, shared or moved across your organization for better governance, risk reduction and compliance.

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