Air-Gapped Isolated Recovery Implementation and Advisory Services

Response and recovery of data, applications and business infrastructure from severe incident

Air Gap Network Architecture and Design

  • Maintain point-in-time copies securely enabling the ability to recover
  • Merger of advanced network security procedures within the air-gapped system architecture
  • Provisions to avoid and defeat hostile attacks on the air-gapped network

Recovery from Extreme Destructive Incident Situations

  • Ransomeware Attacks
  • Data theft and hostage
  • Data wiping
  • Infrastructure destruction
  • Long-term data manipulation

Technology Issues Addressed

  • Securing Point-in-time copies of vital enterprise data.
  • Creating a “vaulted” environment isolated from the main production network via “air gapping”.
  • Techniques achieving rapid recovery

Governance Structure

  • Organizational preparation for recovery operations post severe destructive incident
  • Delivery of incident response and recovery procedures

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